Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dallas Travels and Everything In Between

So this is who we are, A Foreign Collective, Gavin and I, on one of our many trips to Dallas, as well as a more intimate glimpse into our life in Memphis. You see that mustard dress I'm wearing in the last two photos? Yep, it's Rodarte for Target- another Go International collaboration, this time with the Mulleavy sisters (from a couple of months ago). The collection, to be honest, was over-hyped and the majority of the pieces, despite their low price points, lacked in quality. However, on the design side, most of the clothes were pretty in tune with the Rodarte aesthetic. I was hesitant about even buying the dress that I have on because of the cheap materials- it's not that I'm a snob when it comes to brand names, it's just that I am very particular about the money I spend and making sure I get the most out of my money.

On another note, be sure to head to Davis Kidd for their new shipments of independent fashion magazines before they sell out. Gavin and I went up there yesterday after a horrible estate sale experience (which I'll blog about later), and I ended up getting the new:

And, last but not least, February's Italian Vogue. I love reading more obscure fashion magazines because they don't get so caught up with trends/health/beauty/sex articles. The majority of these magazines are printed in Europe (surprised?) and are 100% no bullshit fashion, provocative, and uncompromising with the images and content. What really drove me away from American Vogue was their banal editorials using the same models (Raquel Zimmermann) in the same jumping photos and wearing head to toe runway looks from one designer- I mean, what's the point? If I wanted to see head to toe Chloe or even Comme des Garcons, I'd study the runway show! I love it when editors and stylists get creative by mixing designers, prints, colors, textures. That's when fashion starts getting fun.

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