Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Homework Mixtape Snippet

As I mentioned several posts ago, our friend Homework put together a mixtape for the store which will be mailed out with the first 20 orders. I've been meaning to post this up for a while but here is a snippet from the mix. Do keep in mind that this mix is 50 minutes in duration. Check out the preview and remember you can purchase anything from the store and receive a free copy of the mix HERE.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Season/Afterthoughts

These were all snapped last minute- I'll try to remember to focus more on taking pictures of what people were wearing/what I had on (which to some resembled "Nana" or "curtains" haha)

An image from Paris Fashion Week that I found on Mr. Newton's blog- an embodiment of spring and youthful vitality.

Rhodes College's CODA event

Noelle Smith

Shoes I've been living in for the past couple of weeks. L'autre Chose, platform clogs and floral tights from Anthropologie.

Gavin's Chukkas.

Gavin: Gourmets/ On me: Marc Jacobs lace up ankle boots
Here's a quick glimpse of our life the past couple of weeks. Nothing profound, really. Anthropologie store opening, a scattering of art openings, and a blurry shot of a few of my rings- notice my penchant for all things turquoise?
Returning to the opening party of Anthropologie. I was surprised how many people turned up and how strict they were about their guest list- luckily I RSVP'd about 6 additional people! The wine and champagne were flowing, store associates were making the rounds with trays of spring rolls and sliders in in hand, and there were tiers of delicious cheeses, nuts, and even prosciutto. Otherwise, it was pretty much what I originally expected: your typical sampling of suburban women and men out to socialize for the evening- I lasted about an hour (thanks to copious amounts of wine..).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hazy Days

So not only are we trying to recover from the Mayer Hawthorne show that took place last night, but we also picked up a small bug that has us both away from work. No sense in wasting a day off.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dallas Travels and Everything In Between

So this is who we are, A Foreign Collective, Gavin and I, on one of our many trips to Dallas, as well as a more intimate glimpse into our life in Memphis. You see that mustard dress I'm wearing in the last two photos? Yep, it's Rodarte for Target- another Go International collaboration, this time with the Mulleavy sisters (from a couple of months ago). The collection, to be honest, was over-hyped and the majority of the pieces, despite their low price points, lacked in quality. However, on the design side, most of the clothes were pretty in tune with the Rodarte aesthetic. I was hesitant about even buying the dress that I have on because of the cheap materials- it's not that I'm a snob when it comes to brand names, it's just that I am very particular about the money I spend and making sure I get the most out of my money.

On another note, be sure to head to Davis Kidd for their new shipments of independent fashion magazines before they sell out. Gavin and I went up there yesterday after a horrible estate sale experience (which I'll blog about later), and I ended up getting the new:

And, last but not least, February's Italian Vogue. I love reading more obscure fashion magazines because they don't get so caught up with trends/health/beauty/sex articles. The majority of these magazines are printed in Europe (surprised?) and are 100% no bullshit fashion, provocative, and uncompromising with the images and content. What really drove me away from American Vogue was their banal editorials using the same models (Raquel Zimmermann) in the same jumping photos and wearing head to toe runway looks from one designer- I mean, what's the point? If I wanted to see head to toe Chloe or even Comme des Garcons, I'd study the runway show! I love it when editors and stylists get creative by mixing designers, prints, colors, textures. That's when fashion starts getting fun.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New stock going up tomorrow

Thanks for the support from everyone and the props we've been getting for the site. As time goes on we will grow as more ideas flourish. In the meantime, new stock will be going up on the site tomorrow. Here is a preview of what is to come.

Monday, March 15, 2010

DOOM takes on London

Although this is old news by now, DOOM finally came out of the dungeon to play a real show. Those of you familiar with the Doomposter situation that has been going on for the past year or so know the importance of DOOM revealing himself in public. Unfortunately for us, it took place in the United Kingdom. Videos have been flooding youtube and every other streaming site alike and I must say that I have been left in awe. The villain cranked out new and old gems that had the crowded fluttering with every word he uttered. Without a doubt DOOM is a modern legend. Here are some photos courtesy of Watchlooksee.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Items and Counting!

The following items have already sold out! WOW! Keep checking back for new products. We actually went to two estate sales today- one in East Memphis and one in West Memphis, Arkansas. Both were two finer examples of "estates" (people tend to use that term pretty loosely where we live..). Being at these now-deceased women's houses made me think about how invasive estate sales really are, yet how satisfying they are to my own curious nature. They provide us with such intimate glances into the lives of strangers- what kind of people they were, how they kept their houses, what their interests were... I was surprised to find that the owner of the first "estate" we went to was so cool! She lived in a beautiful house tucked away amongst other beautiful and architecturally eclectic houses (Chicago trip, anyone?) out near the University of Memphis. I love old people who don't lose their sense of self and especially their sense of style as they age. I personally plan on being wacky old woman who piles on different colors, patterns, and turquoise!- oh wait, that's me already! This woman was a great example of how certain people just get better with age- much like a fine wine...

In regards to the store, Gavin and I are currently planning another trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma- who knows what we'll find there! Also, there will be more collaborative projects in the works with local Memphis artists.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I leave you with this question:

Has anyone seen me? They used to carry me at Davis Kidd, AND I sold out, but maybe Memphis just wasn't ready yet? POP, Issue #22.

Friday, March 12, 2010


The store is now online for everyone to partake in. To commemorate the opening, our friend and beat junkie extraordinaire Homework melded together a mixtape comprised of old soul rarities and gems.

20 cd-r copies will be mailed out with the first 20 orders and will come in covers that were handmade by us. Each cover is different as they were all crafted from old source material.

I hinted at this in an earlier post but surprises are so much more fulfilling. I have posted photos below for you to enjoy. The site is now fully stocked so have at it.

Welcome to the Family!


There's something very alluring about these Pierre Hardys... Although they're a little too overtly "sexy" for my taste, but what the hell- I got them for a steal on Yoox and am definitely loving the rich shade of peacock blue and crushed velvet. As Petey pointed out, most of my shoes have a similar aesthetic- rounded toe, chunky heel so it'll be nice to have something different for a change (P.S. Check out the awesome write up she wrote about A Foreign Collective). Yoox is a great place to find designer shoes and clothing and rock-bottom prices. Most of their items are a couple seasons old, but if you have patience and are willing to dig through pages and pages of product, you will most likely walk away with previously unattainable treasures.

Check out some of the other work Pierre Hardy has done:

Jan Arnold

Garance Dore's mesh booties

All photos courtesy of Jak and Jil

Now I kind of wish I hadn't taken (or asked Ziggy to take) such a careless photo of my own pair of Pierre Hardys!