Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Season/Afterthoughts

These were all snapped last minute- I'll try to remember to focus more on taking pictures of what people were wearing/what I had on (which to some resembled "Nana" or "curtains" haha)

An image from Paris Fashion Week that I found on Mr. Newton's blog- an embodiment of spring and youthful vitality.

Rhodes College's CODA event

Noelle Smith

Shoes I've been living in for the past couple of weeks. L'autre Chose, platform clogs and floral tights from Anthropologie.

Gavin's Chukkas.

Gavin: Gourmets/ On me: Marc Jacobs lace up ankle boots
Here's a quick glimpse of our life the past couple of weeks. Nothing profound, really. Anthropologie store opening, a scattering of art openings, and a blurry shot of a few of my rings- notice my penchant for all things turquoise?
Returning to the opening party of Anthropologie. I was surprised how many people turned up and how strict they were about their guest list- luckily I RSVP'd about 6 additional people! The wine and champagne were flowing, store associates were making the rounds with trays of spring rolls and sliders in in hand, and there were tiers of delicious cheeses, nuts, and even prosciutto. Otherwise, it was pretty much what I originally expected: your typical sampling of suburban women and men out to socialize for the evening- I lasted about an hour (thanks to copious amounts of wine..).

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