Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome to the Family!


There's something very alluring about these Pierre Hardys... Although they're a little too overtly "sexy" for my taste, but what the hell- I got them for a steal on Yoox and am definitely loving the rich shade of peacock blue and crushed velvet. As Petey pointed out, most of my shoes have a similar aesthetic- rounded toe, chunky heel so it'll be nice to have something different for a change (P.S. Check out the awesome write up she wrote about A Foreign Collective). Yoox is a great place to find designer shoes and clothing and rock-bottom prices. Most of their items are a couple seasons old, but if you have patience and are willing to dig through pages and pages of product, you will most likely walk away with previously unattainable treasures.

Check out some of the other work Pierre Hardy has done:

Jan Arnold

Garance Dore's mesh booties

All photos courtesy of Jak and Jil

Now I kind of wish I hadn't taken (or asked Ziggy to take) such a careless photo of my own pair of Pierre Hardys!

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