Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Items and Counting!

The following items have already sold out! WOW! Keep checking back for new products. We actually went to two estate sales today- one in East Memphis and one in West Memphis, Arkansas. Both were two finer examples of "estates" (people tend to use that term pretty loosely where we live..). Being at these now-deceased women's houses made me think about how invasive estate sales really are, yet how satisfying they are to my own curious nature. They provide us with such intimate glances into the lives of strangers- what kind of people they were, how they kept their houses, what their interests were... I was surprised to find that the owner of the first "estate" we went to was so cool! She lived in a beautiful house tucked away amongst other beautiful and architecturally eclectic houses (Chicago trip, anyone?) out near the University of Memphis. I love old people who don't lose their sense of self and especially their sense of style as they age. I personally plan on being wacky old woman who piles on different colors, patterns, and turquoise!- oh wait, that's me already! This woman was a great example of how certain people just get better with age- much like a fine wine...

In regards to the store, Gavin and I are currently planning another trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma- who knows what we'll find there! Also, there will be more collaborative projects in the works with local Memphis artists.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I leave you with this question:

Has anyone seen me? They used to carry me at Davis Kidd, AND I sold out, but maybe Memphis just wasn't ready yet? POP, Issue #22.

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